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Rectangular Soap Tray....RT1 $2.50 
A no-nonsense cedar tray that will provide a "natural stage" for your soap bar.  Plenty of grooves to help dry the soap after use.  Sized for most effective grasp and drying of bar. (0.75" x 2.4" x 4.12")

1 oz.

 Rectangular Soap Dish....RD1 $4.50
A lot of hand work goes into each appealing dish!  A groove around it collects undesirable runoff onto vanity tops.   (0.75" x 3" x 4.75") 1.2 oz.

Circular Soap Tray.... CT1 $2.75

A tray that handles a round or square bar attractively.

(0.75" x 3.75") 1 oz.


Circular Soap Dish....CD1 $4.50

A circular dish has a groove around the perimiter to prevent countertop mess.    (0.75" x 4.37") 1.3 oz.

Tandem Soap Tray....TT1 $3.75

One tray to handle individual preferences.  The tandem holder handles his "fisherman's  bar" and your lavender at the same time, while helping to eliminate vanity clutter. (0.82" x 2.5" x 8") 2.3 oz.