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PGS 4-Unit Soap Molds

Perfect for melt and pour soaps.  A unit includes 4 forms, 2 cushion blankets, mold board, form holder, 4 pin clamps and pressure strip.  These maple units are extremely user-friendly and produce a professional looking bar.  Leave the bars right in the forms for added protection until you are ready to burnish the arises and package them - even make more bars while the first ones cure with optional 8-pack of additional forms.  Produces attractive, well-proportioned and finished bars with graceful scalloped edges.   All units come with an instruction sheet.
No.      Size of Bars                                     Price

RSM1   4 - 0.85" x 2.125" x 3"   3 oz. bars   $19.95   1.5 lbs.

SSM1   4 - 1" x 2.5" x 2.5"         3.5 oz bar   $19.95   1.5 lbs.




8-Pack of M & P Mold Forms....SM or RM     $5.00/pk

Packed in handy reusable press-n-seal bags.  Rectangular or square forms to be used with RSM1 or SSM1.  Specify SM or RM when ordering.  3 oz.