PGS Soap Holders makes an array of wooden products for the hand-made soap maker - all of which fall into the classification of "soap holders".  Our products include a variety of soap dishes and trays, cutting boards, molds, shelving, boxes, and display units.   We have been making holders for over 30 years, and have continually refined our craft to become increasingly recognized as the "best in the business".

     All of our products are made of native woods, primarily white cedar and maple, which are downed by natural causes and are gleaned and processed entirely by us, from sawmill to you - in the USA. Cedar is the choice wood for saunas and is well-suited for wet, soapy environments.  Maple, rigid and strong, is used in our soap mold units.


     Our most requested wholesale products are illustrated on this site; others are made-to-order.


 We GUARANTEE your satisfaction with all of our products!